What Time Does Rush Trampoline Park Open?

What should I wear to rush Trampoline Park?

What are I supposed to wear? Remember that you may become hot and sweaty while you are jumping, so make sure you wear clothes that are comfortable. Buckles and sharp clothing are not allowed. When on the trampoline, Jump Rush socks are required to be worn all the time.

Who owns rush Athens?

Rush, an indoor trampoline park, was purchased by the Zwirns on March 6 and they didn’t know they would be closing it the next day.

Can you wear jeans to rush?

At some schools, you and your fellow rushees may receive a matching recruitment t-shirt to wear, which you can wear as well as jeans, fun pants, a skirt, or appropriate-length shorts.

Are you allowed to wear shorts at rush?

There are shorts, tracksuits, and t-shirts that you can wear. Buckles, keys, and wallet are not allowed on the trampolines. Small jewelry is not allowed when jumping. The trampoline area has a responsibility for items that are brought by jumpers.


What time is rush hour in Athens?

If you can avoid the rush hour traffic in the morning and afternoon you should be fine.

What should I bring to rush?

There is a guide to what to wear on recruitment days.

What do fraternity boys wear rush?

I would suggest that you wear khaki shorts and a well-fitting t-shirt. Please shave off the scraggly goatee and make sure your hair is not messed up. If you can pull off a beard, I would recommend getting a clean shaven.

Should you wear socks on a trampoline?

Socks are also safe if bouncers don’t want to go barefoot. If you want to bounce, you can get socks with sticky grips which are great for bouncing.

Can I wear jeans to a trampoline park?

It’s a bad idea to wear shorts to a trampoline park because of the burn caused by plastic. Certain pants are not allowed. It is definitely not a good plan to wear tight pants. When they are washed, jeans tend to tighten and weaken.

What should I wear to an interview at a trampoline park?

What kind of clothes should you wear for an interview? Be presentable as well as being presentable. It is possible to wear jeans, but avoid holes. If you want to come in with clean hair, try it.

Is the Clyde Mountain Road open?

Natural Disaster Recovery work is being done on Kings Highway. There are 400 high risk trees that will be removed under the full road closing of the Kings Highway. The closings will take place from August to December of 2021.

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