What Is The Best Exercise Bike To Use After Knee Replacement?

The combination of X10 Therapy and a stationary bike was a good one. There is a stationary bike brand out there that is exciting. After a bilateral knee replacement, she used the Peloton again.

Is stationary bike good after knee replacement?

You can still ride a bike after total knee replacement surgery if you suffer from knee pain. After your total knee replacement, you may be able to start riding a stationary bike.

What is the best exercise equipment after knee replacement?

Low impact movement is ideal after TKR. It’s a good idea to use a stationary bike or elliptical to get your knee used to the full weight of your body.

Is recumbent bike good after TKR?

After total knee replacement surgery, a bike can be used in the physical therapy clinic.

How long does it take to walk normal after knee replacement?

You are likely to be able to walk on your own in a few weeks. It will take months of physical rehabilitation after a knee replacement. Strengthening the muscles of the knee and regaining movement will be helped by a rehabilitation program.


What exercises should be avoided after knee replacement?

Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, jogging, rock climbing, hang gliding, parachuting and high impact aerobics should not be done.

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