How Much Is Bounce Trampoline Park?

How long are the sessions at BOUNCE?

During your allotted time, you can only access The Giant and airSPACE, but not The World’s Biggest Jumping Castle.

What is BOUNCE trampoline Park?

The world’s most exciting freestyle activities can be found at Bounce. A training ground for some of the world’s leading freestyle athletes, as well as a skills development facility for free-spirited kids of any age, can be found at Bounce.

Does BOUNCE have a weight limit?

The weight limit for a jumper at BoUNCE is 120 kilogrammes.

Can you bring food to bounce?

Is it possible for me to bring my own food? We have a food health and safety policy. Visitors who have made a birthday party booking can bring in their own cake for an $8 once-off fee, which will be put into their private party room.

Can you wear shorts to bounce?

Even though you might think so, shorts are not appropriate for a day at the trampoline park because they expose too much skin. Too much skin can be seen in tiny shorts. If you show more skin, it will make you more vulnerable to burn injuries while playing.

Do you have to wear BOUNCE socks?

The grip-socks are designed to help maximize grip, safety and hygiene.

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